What is 2U?

The Next Generation in Communication

2U aims to create an ecosystem of integrated products and services, paving the way to the next major technological advancement. To kick things of, we have launched 2U Chat, an innovative, feature packed messaging app that prepares you for the future of communication.

Featuring built-in text and voice over translation, high quality video, secure encryption and much more, 2U Chat equips the modern person to communicate socially and professionally with ease. For example, you may now create groups to message, call or video chat with whilst utilising our voice over translations to listen in any language you choose, regardless of what language your peers may be speaking while knowing your conversations are not being overheard with our encryption technology.

The next step on the roadmap is integrating our smart devices onto the app. We have leading edge AI technology, including smart air conditioners, keyless locks and energy towers which harness renewable energies to power up individual households. All these new appliances may be controlled, configured and monitored through the 2U app. Ultimately, we aim to dismantle the barrier for communication between humans and machines, making it as user-friendly and intuitive as possible for everyone to use.

Future Ready

2U Chat Fosters New Age of Communication

2U Communication

Enter the new age of convenience with our free calls and high-quality video calls to any 2U user simply using Wi-Fi

2U Interpreter

Language barriers are a problem of the past with 11 languages available on our message and voice translator

2U Business Circle

Business meeting? Simply shake your phone and all nearby 2U users who are also shaking will exchange contacts

2U Home

Save time by using the 2U app to control all your appliances, putting control in your hands for when you need it most

2U Shop

F2C (factory to consumer) shopping so the savings are passed back onto you and not various suppliers and distributors