Frequently Asked Questions


2U.Chat is the super app, all-in-one messaging app that revolutionizes the way you communicate globally. Our innovative app features built-in text and voice live AI translation, making it easy to have conversations with anyone, anywhere in the world. Stay informed with our built-in news aggregator, and earn crypto just by using the app. With the crypto wallet and exchange integrated, the app allows you to manage your digital assets while on the go. Join us now and experience the future of messaging!

2U.Chat is unique in several ways:

Live AI Translation: It offers live translation of messages and video calls, which makes it easier for people who speak different languages to communicate with each other.

News Aggregator: It has a built-in AI-powered news aggregator that provides users with the latest news and information based on your interests.

Token Earning: The app also allows users to earn tokens by using the app, which can be spent on the platform or withdrawn into any fiat currency. Each 2U user has an equal opportunity to profit from the 2U platform. But an earlier accession to us means more easily establishing your own business circle to get more dividends from 2U’s rapid growth.

Integrated Crypto Wallet and Exchange: The app has an integrated crypto wallet and exchange, which makes it easier for users to manage their cryptocurrencies and exchange them.

The vision of 2U.Chat is to create a mass entrepreneurial service tool that denaturalizes profits and creates an entrepreneurial service platform for people to share wealth, advocating openness, fairness, sharing, and large-scale collaboration.

You can download 2U.Chat directly from the official website, the Apple Store, Google Play Market, or major application markets by searching for “2U”.

You can register as a 2U member by linking with your mobile phone number, email, or third-party ID (Google, Facebook, or WeChat) through the 2U app. You can also register directly through a 2U registration page shared by others.

A 2U number is a unique ID on the 2U platform consisting of 11 numbers starting with “211” that is assigned to you after registration. It is used for any 2U application, such as shopping, booking air tickets and hotels, sending and receiving 2U emails, and even future 2U bank accounts.

You can find and add friends in 2U Chat by searching for their name or phone number, or by scanning their QR code. Once they’ve accepted your friend request, you can start messaging them.

You can share 2U.Chat and invite others by clicking the “Share” button on the app’s home page and sharing a registration page with your own invitation code through various means, such as text messages, pictures, QR codes, links, etc.

Yes, using 2U.Chat is completely free, moreover, you can earn money by simply using the app daily.


All 2U users can obtain similar revenues to those of opening an online store or much more with a click, but there is no need for capitals, a physical store or promotion of goods, because the platform contains the content of actual profit of goods and the content of modern financial management.

2U Points are rewards provided by the 2U platform to users who participate in 2U.Chat sharing, use it actively, and participate in promotions and other activities.

2U Points can be used for various purposes, such as shopping discounts or directly offset the payment of goods in 2U Mall, or exchange for 2U Tokens which can be withdrawn in any currency you want.

  1. Inviting new users to join the 2U platform (earning 0.4 2U points for each invited user) – the total quota for this is 1.92 billion 2U point).
  2. Inviting others to join 2U (0.4 2U points for each invited user).
  3. Invitees inviting others to become 2U users (earning 0.08 2U points for each person invited) – a total of 1.08 billion 2U points are available.
  4. Receiving daily rewards of 0.005 2U points for 300 consecutive days, with the amount being doubled (total amount x2) for 500 consecutive days, and doubled again (total amount x2x2) for 900 consecutive days.
  5. Obtaining 2U points when using 2U-related applications and services.
  6. Winning the lottery.
  7. Receiving rewards for participating in charitable, peace-promoting and environmentally conscious initiatives.
  8. Being rewarded with 2U points as a core team or marketing personnel who have made significant contributions to 2U.

2U points can be exchanged for U2U coins at a 1:1 ratio, and this exchange is irreversible.

Currently, 2U Points cannot be transferred or traded.

U2U Token is a digital asset that can be traded freely on reputable exchanges. As the U2U Platform grows its user base and business partnerships, holders of U2U Token can expect to receive various benefits as the platform rolls out its services. Additionally, the platform intends to collaborate with STO entities to allow for token swapping, which is expected to increase the value of U2U Token.

Yes, 2U coins can be converted to cash after they have been listed on a trading market. The profit earned by 2U users is displayed in the form of 2U Points in their Assets section. These coins can be used to purchase goods and services in the 2U Mall, and can be exchanged for cash once they are available on a trading market.


Yes, the 2U.Chat is designed with security in mind and uses state-of-the-art encryption technologies to protect user data and communications. The app undergoes regular security audits to ensure the security and privacy of user data.

The 2U.Chat encrypts all user data, including personal information, in transit and at rest. The app also employs advanced security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access, theft, or loss.

No, the 2U.Chat app does not share user data with third parties without explicit consent from the user. Any sharing of user data with third parties is done in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

The 2U Chat App employs a number of security measures to prevent hacking and unauthorized access to user data, including encryption, and regular security audits. The app also encourages users to adopt best practices for password security to further protect their data.

Yes, you can delete your 2U Chat account by going to the app’s settings and selecting the “Delete Account” option. Once your account is deleted, all of your data will be permanently removed from the app.


In the Chat session, you can use the instant translation feature by clicking the translation icon in the upper right corner and setting the method, target language, and display options for the translation.

Other than that, you can enable a voice call translator, that will convert your speech into the language of the call recipient.

You can make voice and video calls in the Chat session by using the shortcut button icon at the bottom. Currently, this service is free.

2U Interpreter is another one of 2U applications integrated into the 2U.Chat, mainly used for voice translation. Currently, 2U Interpreter supports 18 languages, and more languages will be added in the future. You can find the 2U “Explore” section and use it directly.


2U Apps are a range of mobile and technology applications that blend together in the 2U platform ecosystem. The current development includes 2U.Chat, 2U.Mall, 2U.Headlines, 2U.Interpreter, 2U.Assets, 2U.HealthProducts, and Lithium Battery Technology.

2U is a platform that promotes openness, fairness, sharing, and collaboration among humans. It includes 36 different applications, referred to as 2UApps, which serve all aspects of life and provide a seamless experience. 2U Chat is a part of 2UApps and is a feature-rich and intelligent messaging software with built-in text and voice translation. It allows users to easily create their own business platform.

In addition to 2UChat, 2U Mall, 2U Headlines, 2U Interpreter, 2U Assets, etc. which are already online, 2U Apps has 36 different applications that have been designed will be launched one after another in the future. Divided into these categories:

  • Service (such as 2U Mall, 2U Recruitment, 2U Travel)
  • Environmental Protection (such as 2U Health, 2U Medical, 2U Environmental Detection)
  • AI Intelligence (2U Smart Home, 2U Charging, 2U IoT)
  • Information (2U News, 2U Advertising, 2U Personal Home Page)
  • Office (2U Translator, 2U Remote Meeting, 2U Remote Office)
  • Entertainment (2U Live Broadcast, 2U Games, 2U Hi Hi)
  • Financial (2U Wealth, 2U Bank, 2U Insurance)

2U number is your unique ID on the entire 2U platform. It can be used for any 2U application, such as shopping, booking air tickets and hotels, sending and receiving 2U emails, and even future 2U bank accounts.

Yes, your 2U Number is a unique ID for the entire 2U platform, allowing you to use it across all 2U applications, including shopping, booking air tickets and hotels, sending and receiving 2U emails, and even accessing future 2U bank accounts.

2U Assets is a feature within the 2U platform that lets you manage your digital assets. This includes 2U points, A2U/Kubao, growth value, 2U level, human contribution index, and the number of people in your first and second circle. You can access 2U Fortune in the “Explore” section and use it directly. If you are in an on-mainland area and if allowed by your home country’s laws, 2U Assets will also show you information on your U2U, 2UT, current price, and mutual exchange functions.

2U Headlines is a 2U platform application that delivers real-time news and information from all over the world and your area. You can subscribe to your favorite channels in 2U Headlines, or create your own self-media channels. In the future, 2U Headlines will offer rewards and other incentives for content creation. It can be found in the 2U Explore section and used directly.

2U Moments is a feature within the 2U platform that allows you to share and publish text, pictures, videos, recordings, and even third-party content with 2U users worldwide or with your friends. You can access it in the “Explore” section of the 2U app.